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News about Musicoin.

  • Greetings everyone, this is Musicoin.
    This is an announcement about the management during the Chuseok holidays from Thursday,
    September 12 th to Friday, September 13 th 2019.

    Auction/Trades among Users
    Operates as usual.

    Reflection of Winning Bids
    The due date of the payment of “GOT7-NEVER EVER” will be extended to 3pm on Monday,
    September 16 th .
    You can check “GOT7-NEVER EVER” at “My Copyright” after the due date of the payment.

    Charge Request
    - The records of your deposit through account transfer will only be applied at 12pm and 3pm on
    Thursday and Friday.
    - As real time charging is possible through real time account transfer or virtual accounts, we
    hope that many of you will participate.

    Withdrawal Request
    The records requested for withdrawal on September 11 th will proceed at 3pm on Monday, September
    16 th .

    1:1 Inquiry
    1:1 Inquiry will run with limited personnel for two days, therefore the waiting time might take longer
    than usual.

    Thank you

    Yours Sincerely,
    Better Music Ecosystem