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  • Support the Music Ecosystem by investing and owning your favorite music! The world's first Copyright Fee Sharing Platform! Better Music Ecosystem: Musicoin is a place where Music Creators, Fans, and Investors share Copyright Fee to support the Creator and make a virtuous circle of K-POP Ecosystem. Most of the Korean music consumers do not ‘own’ the music but ‘approach’ to the music by using streaming service to enjoy it. This type of consumption and the size of the Korean Music Market creates a harsh environment for Artists to survive with such a small income. We, Musicoin is here to make a better and beautiful Music Ecosystem!

    The ‘Value’ of making a virtuous circle of music ‘Together’

    Music Creators, Fans, and Investors can create a larger value together by utilizing Musicoin’s Copyright Fee Auction. Fans and Investors share Copyright Fee and more than 50% of the yield created by the Auction will be directly delivered to the Creative Artist right after the Auction. The rest of the yield will be spent to support K-POP Ecosystem and many other activities. Which means, all participants who take part in the auction will both own the music, gain profit from the Copyright fee of the music, and support to create a healthy Creative Ecosystem. Showing your interest in the music can lead to the rise of your music’s usage Copyright Fee which will make a Music Ecosystem where all parties can support each other.

    Musicoin, the platform where all Investors can be ‘Satisfied’

    Funds are not a safe or profitable investment for a low-interest rates&unstable market recession like these days. Musicoin, the leader of IP financial market, suggests a new, much stable and solid earning rate compared to other risky but unsatisfiable products.

    - Stable and Solid Earning Rate and Potential Profit

    Along with the growth of Copyright Market, Musicoin’s Copyright Fee investment has the highest rate of earnings compared to the domestic financial products. Additionally, due to the characteristic of Copyright Fee, the shareholders can collect Copyright Fee every month without any losses until 70 years after the death of the original creator’s. One of the greatest point about the Copyright Free Auction is that Auctions can draw attention of the public by opening an auction which leads the music to get back on the chart. Additionally, the Copyright Fee’s potential earning may get a rise when the song has a cover version of it. These characteristics make Musicoin an innovational Cultural Investment Platform where you can both enjoy and expect a high and stable earning rate. 

    The earning rate(before tax) of Musicoin users in 2018’ was an average 12.4% earning rate(Net Profit compared to auction price) and an additional 16.9% earning rate from User Transaction.
    *The Copyright Fee earning rate above includes the high price purchase made on the fans' own will and User Transaction earning rate above only includes the additory sales earning rate and does not includes Copyright Fee income.

    - Predictable and encashable ‘Good Investment’

    The Users of Musicoin can decide whether or not to invest in a Copyright Fee by conducting feasibility check based on all detailed past Copyright Fee information from Musicoin’s archive. This makes the investment in Musicoun a ‘Clear Investment’ than ever. ‘Copyrights revenue from last 5 years graph’ shows the last 5 years of copyright revenue created from the music. ‘Average copyright fee within this year compared to my bidding price‘ shows how much earning rate I made from Copyright Fee compared to my bidding price within 1 year. With the help of this information, Users can support and invest in the Creative Ecosystem in many different ways.  

    With Copyright Fee(Share), you can get a stable, regular, and long term income from monthly Copyright Fee revenue. You can also sell your shares at the User Transaction for gaining sales revenue for collecting initial investment recover principal. User Transaction is a transaction made between Musicoin Users. The transaction can be made on the seller’s Wallet. Musicoin has ‘My Wallet > Withdraw’, so you can encash the collected income of yours. Additionally, the average P2P transaction success rate in 2018’ is 65%. 

    How do I own a Music?

    You can purchase the music from ‘Copyright Fee Auction’ and ‘User Transaction’. Check out our new weekly updated Copyright Fee Auction, take part in the auction, and be the first one to own the music! Copyright Fee Auction opens at 12:00 every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and closes at 21:00, 6 days after its opening. 

    1) Monday 12:00 Open ~ Sunday 21:00 Close (KST) 
    2) Wednesday 12:00 Open ~ Tuesday 21:00 Close (KST) 
    3) Friday 12:00 Open ~ Thursday 21:00 Close (KST)

    ▶Go check ongoing Auctions.

    You can find the share of the music you missed at User Transaction page! The ‘Copyright Fee(Share)’ you won from an Auction can be sold to other Users at your will. Please checkInformation on Use to learn more about the process and guide for User Transaction.

    ▶Learn more about Music Investors

    Musicoin! Korea’s leading IP Financial platform spotlighted by the Government, Financial Companies, and Major Press!

  • What is a ‘Copyright Fee Auction’?

    Copyright Fee Auction is a new type of Culture-Investigation service where anyone can purchase opened Copyright Fees of an Artist. Being a shareholder of a Music will let people be part of a Musical Ecosystem. Fans can purchase their favorite music to be part of a community, get monthly Copyright Fee revenue, and support the creator. When the Fans raise the value of the Copyright Fee from the Auction, Artists can use the raised value of their Copyright to concentrate on their creative activity and check how much attention they are getting from the public. The Copyright Fee can be transacted between users later and the Auction will help the Music to draw attention from the public which will lead the music's consumption to increase. This could be a reason for an increase in Copyright Fee.

    What is ’Copyright Fee Share’?

    If you own the Copyright Fee Share, you can gain a certain amount of Copyright Fee depending on the number of your shares until the Copyright Protection Period expires. (More than 70 years)

    When does an Auction open?

    The Auctions will be opened at 12:00 of every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and closes at 21:00, 6 days after the auction’s opening day 

    1) Open: Monday 12:00 ~ Close: Sunday 21:00 (KST)
    2) Open: Wednesday 12:00 ~ Tuesday 21:00 (KST) 
    3) Open: Friday 12:00 ~ Thursday 21:00 (KST)

    How do I participate in an Auction?

    “Homepage> Transaction> To ongoing auction> Participate” Click! Enter your ‘Bidding Amount’ and ‘Bid Price’ and press the "Bid" button to bid. 

    "Winning Bid” means you can expect to win when nobody bids higher than your current bid. "Partial Bid Acceptance, First Come First Serve” means the total bid exceeds the total quantity of the certain priced Share(s), hence you can expect to wind the bid on a first-come, first-served basis When the auction closes and you become the successful bidder, you can check your Copyright Fee Share(s) at “My Copyright > In Possession”. You can sell your Copyright through “User Transaction”.

    How can I be a successful bidder?

    The bid winners will be decided in order at 21:00 of the last day of every Auction the winners will be announced on a first-come, first-served basis if the price is the same. The bid winners must pay for their bid before the payment due to be the owners of the Copyright Fee. Payment due is 15:00 (KST), 3 days(business) since the closing of an Auction. (If the last day of the due date is holiday, the last day of payment due will be postponed to the closest business day.) 

    <Payment Due for Successful Bidders>
    1) Open: Monday 12:00 ~ Close: Sunday 21:00 = Wednesday 15:00 (KST) 
    2) Open: Wednesday 12:00 ~ Close: Tuesday 21:00 = Friday 15:00 (KST) 
    3) Open: Friday 12:00 ~ Thursday 21:00 = Monday 15:00 (KST) 

     Payment will be automatically made on the last day of the due date with the CASH from your ”My Wallet”. However, if you have an insufficient amount of CASH in your wallet, please request for charging CASH from “Home Page >My Wallet> Charge” and make a deposit to a directed bank account. 

    ※Bidding restriction for preventing false bidding※
    When you have ‘0’ CASH, your maximum bidding quantity will be limited to 50,000KRW and the maximum bidding price will be limited to 30 times of the expected lowest bidding price. Please note that you must charge additional CASH\ to bid more than 50,000 KRW

    ▶Go check ongoing Auction

  • What does “Suspended due to False Bidding” mean?

    Mass cancel, No-Show(Not unpaid settlement), and other related actions before the end of an uction will be considered as a False Bidding As a False Bidding penalty, the False Bidder’s transactions will be suspended. (Joining an Auction, User Transaction). First Strike: 3-day suspension / Second Strikes: 2-week suspension / Third Strike: The user will be permanently suspended upon receiving a warning email. The suspended user may be restrictions from logging in.

    I created an account with someone else’s identification.

    If you created your Musicoin account with someone else’s identification&information, your account will be immediately suspended. Please use your identification when registering your account.

    Can minors make an account?

    Minors can make an account with their legal protector’s consentment. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions:

    My legal name has been changed. How do I transfer my account?

    Please send us the Resident Registration Document: Abstract which contains the change of name to and our employee will check the document and start the transferring process.

wallet (charge)

  • Musicoin’s My Wallet function is to secure transaction efficiency and to protect false bidding. 1 CASH has the same value of 1 KRW and every charge will be made based on the exchange rate announced by the Seoul Money Brokerage Service at 09:00 (KST). Charging and saving CASH has the same characteristic of depositing real money(KRW). However, according to the Electronic Financial Transaction Act, CASH is not considered as digital money or other electronic payment means. 

    No interest income will happen from your CASH saved in “My Wallet” since it may have a chance of violating the Act on the Regulation of Conducting Fund-Raising Business Without Permission.

  • After you log in, please find and select “Charge Cash” from the menu.

    Select the “Amount” and “Payment Method”

  • Select “My Wallet” the Menu.

    Press the “Withdraw” button.

    For personal information protection, please enter your “Password” and press the “Confirmed” button.

    Enter the “Amount” and press the “Request Withdrawal”.

    Korean Users: Musicoin provides 2 free withdrawal every month and withdrawing 10,000 KRW or less will cost 500 KRW for each withdrawal.

    Overseas Users: Withdrawal will be affected by the exchange rate of the day of withdrawal and each nation has a different withdrawal fee.

    Check the requested withdrawal amount and press the “Confirmed” button once again.

    The requested CASH will be deposited to the account you registered at 15:00 on the next business day.

  • You can check your CASH at "CASH information" at Menu.

  • Log in and find “My Wallet” from the Menu.

    Go check your “Statements on Hold for Withdrawal/Deposit”. The completed request will not be shown.

  • Log in and find “My Wallet” from the Menu.

    Choose your setting and press the “View” button to check your transaction list.

  • Korean Users will get 2 free withdrawal every month and withdrawing 10,000 KRW or less will cost 500 KRW every time.

    Overseas Users' withdrawal will be affected by the exchange rate of the day of withdrawal and each nation has a different withdrawal fee.


  • You can only set 2 Step Authentification 2 on the WEB environment(PC).

    First, you need to press the “My Information” button right after registering in.

    Enter your password to check your identification and press the “Confirmed” button.

    Press the "Use 2 Step Authentification".

    Download&Install Google Authenticator (Google OTP) application from Playstore or Appstore.

    Open Google Authenticator (Google OTP), scan the QR code below, and select “Use 2 Step Authentification” to activate your 2 Step Authentification. When the authentification page goes down and you failed to enter the 6 digits of OTP code, please scan a new QR code and enter the new OTP code.

    After activating 2 Step Authentification, you must enter the 6 digits from Google Authenticator (Google OTP) to log in.

    If you want to disable the 2 Step Authentification, please visit "Manage Personal Info" and select “Disable 2 Step Authentification”.

  • Press “Membership Registration” below the Menu to move to Registration Page.

    Choose your registration method.

  • Press the “Login” button on the top right page to move to the Login page.

    You can press “Find Password” to move to a page where you can reset your password.

    Enter the email address you used to register and press "Get a Password Reset Email".

    Now a link for resetting your password will be sent to your email address.
    When you move to the page, click the link, enter your password, and select “Password Reset”.

    If you forgot the email address you used to register in, please use ”1:1 Inquiry”. We will find your email address after checking your identity.

  • Press the “My information” button from the top menu.

    Edit your information at “My information” and press “change/modify” button.

  • Every person must have and use one account.

  • Press “My Information” from the menu and press the “ Unregister” button in the bottom of the “My Information” page.

    You cannot unregister when you own more than 1 share. Please sell all of your shares if you are willing to unregister.

  • Currently, you can only register as an individual member. 
    The corporation member registration will be updated in the future.


  • The music introduced for the first time on Musicoin platform can be found from our Auctions.

    Users can sell the shares they own or purchase the shares from “User Transaction”.
    Additionally, if many people are interested in a music, the music may have a 2nd auction.

    Please note that “User Transaction” only deals with the shares purchased by the users, which means finding the song you want may not be easy and 2nd auction opening does not always happen.

    Join the Auction with a small commission and be the first owner of the song!

  • 로그인 후 상단의 메뉴에서 "거래 "를 선택합니다. 페이지 안 "진행중 옥션"을 선택합니다.

    "진행중 옥션" 페이지에 참가 가능한 곡들이 보입니다.
    참가를 원하는 곡을 고른 후  "참가하기"를 선택하세요.

    사고자 하는 수량과 1주 당 가격을 각각 입력한 후 "입찰하기"를 선택합니다.
    이 때, 본인인증이 되지 않은 계정은 옥션 참가가 불가합니다.
    "내 정보 관리"에서 본인인증 후 옥션에 참여해주세요.

    옥션 참가 확정을 위한 동의사항들을 모두 체크한 후

    하단의 "확인"을 선택하면 입찰이 완료됩니다.


  • "Bidding Deposit” is a type of safe deposit to prevent false bidding.
    When your bidding price(number of shares*price) exceeds 50,000KRW, 5% of your bidding price will be automatically withdrawn from “My Wallet”.

    Bidding Deposit can be refunded if you cancel your bidding. However, bidding cannot be canceled on the last day of an auction, but you can only rebid starting from the highest price and highest amount.

    For example, if you bid 100,000 KRW in an auction which opens on Monday and closes on Sunday, 5,000 CASH will be withdrawn as a Bidding Deposit. 
    You can cancel your bidding no matter the price from Monday ~ Saturday and your Bidding Deposit will be refunded to “My Wallet”. However, between Sunday 00:00 ~ 21:00(the last day of an auction), you cannot cancel your bidding and you can only rebid starting from 100,500KRW.

    When the rebidding price is larger than the original bidding price, an additional 5% of the bidding deposit gap will be withdrawn.
    When the rebidding price is smaller than the original bidding price, an additional 5% of the bidding deposit gap will be refunded. (This will not happen on the last day of the auction.)

  • When an auction is closed, successful bidders will be decided. Bidders with the highest bidding price will be the winner and when the price is the same, faster bidders will win the share.

    You can check the current progress of an auction from the “Detailed Information” page before you participate in an auction.

    "Winning Bid" means that you will win the bid if no higher bidder appears.
    "Partial Bid Acceptance, First Come First Serve” means the total bid exceeds the total quantity of the certain priced Shares, hence you can expect to wind the bid on a first-come, first-served basis

    "-" means you must fix your bidding price or you cannot win the bid.

  • When an auction is closed, we will inform all successful bidders via email and text message.(Only Korean users will get text messages.)

    If you charge the bidding price within the payment due, Musicoin will check the payment and add all shares to the successful bidders after the due date.

    <Payment Due for Successful Bidders>
    1) Open: Monday 12:00 ~ Close: Sunday 21:00 = Wednesday 15:00 (KST)
    2) Open: Wednesday 12:00 ~ Close: Tuesday 21:00 = Friday 15:00 (KST)
    3) Open: Friday 12:00 ~ Thursday 21:00 = Monday 15:00 (KST)

    If you have enough CASH in your wallet, you do not have to charge additional CASH.
    However, please keep track of your CASH since bidding often gets canceled for insufficient CASH due to CASH withdrawal caused by bidding in other auctions or proceeding User Transactions.

    My Copyright Fee Shares can be checked from “Musicoin > My Copyright> In Possession”.

  • We will inform you of the required amount of payment through email/text message you registered.
    If you have sufficient CASH, Musicoin will check, withdraw and deliver shares to the successful bidders after the due date.

  • If your CASH in your wallet is insufficient after the payment due, your bid will be automatically canceled.

    Please note that no excuses will be made to secure fairness for all users.

    When your bidding is canceled due to insufficient CASH,

    First Strike: 3-day suspension
    Second Strikes: 2-week suspension
    Third Strike: Your account may be permanently suspended.


  • Basically, all songs which are introduced in Musicoin for the first time will be first shown at the Auctions.
    "Buy” is to purchase the Copyright Fee from other Musicoin Users.

  • Press the “Transaction” button at the top menu and click the “User Transaction” in the page.

    Find and choose the song you want to purchase from the list.

    You can see the price per share which is suggested by other Users.
    Enter the quantity and press “Proceed”.
    The transaction will not be made if you do not have enough CASH in your wallet or your identification is not verified yet.
    Please add CASH or verify your identity in the “My Information” page.

    Read and check all agreements before making a purchase and press the “Check” button.

  • For maintaining a pleasant transaction platform, Musicoin collects 300 CASH per every purchased share as a platform usage fee.


  • 상단 메뉴에서 "내 저작권" 선택합니다. 페이지 하단의 "보유중 저작권"에서 판매하고 싶은 곡을 선택합니다.

    다른 유저들이 같은 곡에 대해 판매중인 수량과 가격을 확인할 수 있습니다. 내가 판매하고자 하는 가격과 수량을 지정한 후 "진행하기"를 선택합니다.

    판매하기위해 필요한 동의사항들을 체크한 후,

    하단의 "확인"을 선택합니다.

    판매가 완료되면 내 지갑에 판매대금이 합산됩니다.

  • For maintaining a pleasant transaction platform, Musicoin collects 300 CASH per every sold share as a platform usage fee.


  • “Copyright Fee Share” means the smallest unit of the split Copyright Fee of a song.
    Owning a Copyright Fee Share means you have the right to receive a certain amount of the Copyright Fee depending on the amount of your Share. Additionally, all past Copyright Fee revenue and other information shown on Musicoin is based on 1 share.

    Each song’s detailed Copyright Fee Share information per share can be found from the “Copyright Information” section.

    ( APINK : MR.CHU Copyright Information)

Royalties income

  • A Music Source’s copyright is owned by the creators(composer, songwriter, and music arranger) and the copyright is divided into the Author's Property Right and the Personal Rights of Authorship.

    Personal Rights of Authorship solely belongs to the creator itself and it cannot be sold or purchased on Musicoin. Therefore, the Copyright Fee you get from Musicoin is the Copyright Fee from Author's Property Right.

  • According to the Copyright Law, Author's Property Right will last until 70 years since the death of the writer(original writer). (If a music is a work of joint authorship, the right will last until 70 years since the death of the last joint author.)

  • 저작재산권은 저작권법에 따라 복제, 공연, 공중송신, 전시, 배포, 대여, 2차적저작물작성권을 가지며 이에 해당하는 내용으로 음원을 사용할 때 사용료를 징수하게 됩니다.

    저작권료는 주로  방송 (TV, 라디오, 유튜브 등), 온라인 음악서비스 (멜론, 벅스뮤직 등), 각종 공연 (노래연습장, 콘서트, 유원지 등), 각종 복제 (출판, 노랜연습장, 등) 및 해외 등 다양한 매체에서 꾸준히 발생하며, 저작권신탁에서 규정에 따라 징수합니다.

  • According to the Copyright Law, only the non-profit trust organization which is licensed by the minister of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as a presidential decree.

    Therefore, the profit-making corporation(Muisicoin) cannot be the Copyright trust manager and does not have the right to collect&distribute the Copyright Fee.

    Musicoin is registered into the Copyright Trust as a member of the trust and distribute the received Copyright Fee to the Musicoin investors.

  • When a song is released, the first year’s Copyright Fee revenue is the largest and the revenue usually declines for 1 to 2 years before the revenue gets stabled.

    The data below is an example and Musicoin does not ensure any future Copyright Fee in any circumstances.

    The chart below contains 100 music from the TOP 100 Music Chart and this is to help Users to understand the variability of Copyright Fee. The graph shows the change in Copyright Fee of a music for 10 years. The first year's revenue is set as 100.

  • Basically, when a song gets a cover version of it, the copyright of the cover song solely belongs to the original author. Therefore, the creation of a cover song will lead to a raise of Copyright Fee. (Check the graph below for). However, the authority for a cover song may be restricted according to a special contract with the original author. In this case, special contract information will be shown on the song’s information page.

    Please note that the rise of Copyright Fee may differ according to the cover song’s popularity.

    The graph below is an example to help Users to understand the rise of Copyright Fee due to a release of a cover song. Please note that the figures may differ according to the popularity of a cover song and Musicoin does not ensure any future Copyright Fee in any circumstances.

  • Distributing the collected Copyright Fee takes time. Therefore, the following month’s Copyright Fee doesn’t likely to get a big rise right after the release of a cover song.

    If you are planning to get a raised copyright fee from a cover song, it is better to keep the shares.

  • The monthly Copyright Fee’s Collection&Distribution period and actual usage of a copyrighted song may differ since it takes time to find&confirm the exact collection target who used the music from various media(streaming/copy/concert/etc). You can check the detailed Copyright Fee Collection&Distribution period from the chart below and you can check much more detailed information about it from Korea Music Copyright Association’s web site. When the song has an additional contract with an overseas publisher, you will get the Copyright Fee depending on the overseas publisher’s Collection&Distribution period.

    The Copyright Fees distributed by Musicoin are from the rights purchased from the original author. Which means, the Copyright Fee collection starts upon purchasing the rights and the collected fee will be distributed to the Users. Therefore, even if you become a successful bidder of an auction which is close to the day of purchase, some of the Copyright Fee may be distributed to the original author for max 6 months according to Copyright Trust Organization's distribution period. As a result, the Copyright Fee you receive may be less than its original amount, so Musicoin ensures 8.0% of annual Copyright Fee Revenue for 6 months.

    The copyright fee settled by Musicoin is the right purchased from original right holder, which will be calculated since the purchase date. So, pursuant to the above distribution cycle of copyright trust management company, if the auction date and the purchase date is close, there would be a few amounts of copyright fee for the original right holder up to 6 months. Please keep in mind that the copyright fee right after the bid could be lower than the actual fee
    Musicoin provides the total collected Copyright Fee of a song so that the Users can make a more reasonable decision.

  • 저작권료 지분을 보유하시게 되면 매달 저작권료를 정산 받으실 때와 구매한 금액보다 높은 가격으로 보유한 저작권을 판매했을 때 수입이 발생하게 되며, 두 가지 경우 모두 기타소득으로 분류됩니다.


    기타 소득의 경우, 건 당 수입이 5만원 이하이고 동시에 연간 누적 총기타소득이 3백만원 이하일 시 분리과세를 선택할 수 있으며 분리과세를 선택하여 납세의무를 종결하실 수 있습니다. 다만 연간총기타소득이 3백만원을 초과하는 경우에는 전체금액에 대해 종합소득과세표준에 합산하여 매년 5월말까지 종합소득세 신고해야 합니다.

    건 당 수입 5만원 이하 과세최저한

     - 저작권료 수입의 경우에는 곡 별로 매월 받으시는 저작권료가 기준이 됩니다. 예를 들어 곡A에 대해서 저작권료 수입이 1,000원이 발생하시고 곡B에 대해서 60,000원의 수입이 발생하셨다면 곡A의 저작권료에 대해서는 분리과세 요건을 충족하여 원천징수 되지 않지만 곡B의 저작권료에 대해서는 22.0%(기타소득세 및 지방소득세)가 원천징수됩니다.

     - 유저간거래에서 매입단가보다 높게 판매하셔서 차익이 발생하시는 경우에는 동일시점에 판매된 곡을 거래단위로 판단합니다. 예를 들어 회원A가 2018년 7월 31일에 주 당 10,000원에 취득한 곡B에 대한 저작권료 주 5주를 판매했고 이를 회원C가 30,000원에 1주, 회원D가 30,000원에 4주를 구매했다면 이를 두 개의 별개 거래로 보며 회원C와의 거래에서 발생한 차익은 19,700원 (거래수수료 제외)이므로 원천징수되지 않지만 회원D와의 거래에서는 차익이 78,800원 (거래수수료 제외) 발생함으로 기타소득세를 원천징수하게 됩니다.   차익에서 거래수수료를 제한 금액이 주 당 50,000원 이하인 경우에는 원천징수세액이 없으며 분리과세로 종결할 수 있습니다. 다만 차익에서 거래수수료를 제한 금액이 주 당 50,000원을 초과하는 경우에는 전체 차익에서 거래수수료를 제한 금액의 22.0%(기타소득세 및 지방소득세)가 원천징수됩니다.

    기타소득금액이 연 3백만원을 초과하는 경우

    뮤지코인에서 거래하신 기타소득을 포함하여 연간 기타소득이 연 3백만원을 초과하는 경우 전체금액에 대해 종합소득과세표준에 합산하여 매년 5월말까지 종합소득세 신고해야 하는 의무가 있으며, 기간에 따른 기타소득 금액을 내지갑 화면에서 조회하실 수 있습니다. 회원님들의 뮤지코인을 제외한 기타소득금액을 알 수 없기 때문에 주민등록번호를 제공해 주셨더라도 연간 기타소득금액이 3백만원을 초과하는 경우에는 회원님이 직접 합산하여 신고하셔야 하는 점 미리 알려 드립니다.

    주민등록번호 미제공 회원의 경우

    주민등록번호를 제공하지 않으신 회원님의 경우, 뮤지코인에서 대리하여 원천징수 신고를 진행해 드릴 수 없는 점 미리 알려드리며 위에서 설명 드린 기타소득세의 과세 요건에 따라 직접 신고 및 납부를 진행해야 합니다. 

  • 저작인접권은 소비자들이 저작물을 항유할 수 있도록 하는 사람에게 부여되는 권리를 말합니다. 저작권법은 실연자·음반제작자·방송사업자로 분류되는 저작인접권자에게 저작인접권을 부여하고 있습니다.

    이 중 뮤지코인이 옥션을 통해 서비스하고 있는 저작인접권은, 저작재산권과 연관성이 큰 음반제작자의 권리가 대부분입니다. 저작권법상 음반제작자의 권리는, 복제권, 배포권, 대여권, 전송권과 (음반제작자 · 디지털음성송신사업자 · 사업용음반을 사용하여 공연하는 자를 대상으로 한) 보상청구권을 포함하고 있습니다.

  • 저작재산권은 저작권의 한 부분으로, 최초저작물을 창작한 원저작자(음악의 경우 작사·작곡·편곡자 등) 또는 그로부터 저작권을 양도·승계받은 자가 가지는 권리입니다. 한편 저작인접권은 완성된 저작물을 해석하고 전달하여 소비자들이 향유할 수 있도록 하는 저작인접권자(음악의 경우 가수·프로듀서 등)가 가지는 권리입니다.

    가치 측면에서 볼 때, 저작재산권과 저작인접권 모두 장기간에 걸쳐 보호되는 권리라는 점을 고려하면, 저작재산권료와 저작인접권료 지분에서 미래에 창출될 수익을 현재의 가치로 환산한 값 간에는 큰 차이가 없습니다. 다만, 현행법상 저작재산권은 원저작자 사후 70년간, 저작인접권(중 음반제작자의 권리)는 음반발매후 70년간 보호됨이 원칙이므로, 저작인접권료 지분을 보유하시는 경우 저작권료를 정산받는 기간은 비교적 짧아진다는 점에 유의하셔야 합니다.

  • 저작인접권은 저작권에 비해 5배가량 더 큰 시장규모를 가지고 있는 권리입니다. 흔히 접하시는 스트리밍의 경우를 예로 들면, 스트리밍 수익 중 음반제작자 - 즉 저작인접권자에게 분배되는 수익은 저작자에게 분배되는 수익의 약 4배에 달합니다. 

    이와 같이 저작권보다 시장규모가 훨씬 큰 저작인접권까지 아우름으로써, 뮤지코인은 투자자분들께 보다 다양한 곡들을 옥션을 통해 선보이는 한편, 저작권 시장의 확대를 통해 보다 아름답고 건강한 음악 생태계를 만들어가고자 합니다.

  • 충전하신 금액이 아닌 실제 옥션에서 구매하신 내역 및 유저간 거래 수수료 내역에 대해 현금영수증을 발행하고 있으며, 회원님께서 월에 구매하신 내역과 수수료 내역 전체에 대하여 매월 마지막 영업일에 일괄로 발행해 드립니다. (매월 마지막 날짜가 휴일인 경우 해당일의 내역은 익월에 합산되어 현금영수증이 발행됩니다.