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  • This is Really Goodbye M to M
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  • This is Really Goodbye
  • M to M
  • ★★★★★
    “Our beautiful time has become our memories”
    The more you listen, the more you get used to this song! You can't stop listening to this song!
    One of the hidden masterpiece of a talented singer, M to M!!

    'This is Really Goodbye' stimulated the listeners' senses with the sad voice and the sad lyric about slowly, but helplessly forgetting the loved one as time passes. The song's controlled sad emotion was once loved as an OST of a TV Series 'Lie to Me'. The song of M to M, which has the strength to hit the music cart, can be called as a worth-owning and worth-listening-again song.

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published date
M to M
song by
Kim Heewon, Sin Hyeong
lyrics by
Kim Heewon
arranged by
Kim Heewon, Sin Hyeong

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